How to Run Your Car-Engine on Water Kit!
PhotobucketConverting your car to run on water is proven to increase MPG, lower fuel costs, increase mileage - and help the environment.

However, up until recently, it was quite expensive - the only way to convert your car to run on water was to get it done by professionals, which cost upwards of $2,000. Even stand-alone hydrogen conversion kits can sell upwards of $500.

Happily, the past six months has seen a new crop of conversion-kit guides, which disclose how to convert your car to run on water yourself - enabling low cost materials, and with little or no technical knowledge required.

We decided to sit down and review these new guides for ourselves- our key criteria were affordability of materials, ease-of-use, and speed of installation.

Overall, we were profoundly surprised with our results - evidently the technology does work, and if you pick the right guide for yourself, you could well be up and running in a few hours.

We reviewed many water-fuel kits - only the 3 below met our criteria:

  • Sizeable Fuel Savings - at least 40% more fuel efficiency
  • Fast and Easy Setup - in only a few hours, even for novices
  • Affordable Set-Up Cost (well under $100)



Our Choice Run Your Car On Water Instead of Gas Ebooks!





1. Order these 5 Ebooks right now together in 1 package for only $19.95:

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2. Buy Our Run Your Car On Water Kit For Only $19.95

"Still the best Water Fuel Kit in 2010..."

By far the easiest-to-follow guide we came across - our own experience says you should set aside maybe half a day to buy the parts and get fully installed.

This is the only guide that assumes absolutely no knowledge of cars. Impressively, our support ticket was responded to in under an hour (although it could take a little longer on weekends), and there is an unconditional 8 week guarantee.

Best of all, the technology required is readily available and cheap - we were able to access all the parts needed for well under $50. Given that its proven to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 40%, you could well recoup your investment in under a week.

Installation works with any gas or diesel powered car, van, truck or SUV. Aimed squarely at car "novices", and still our top pick for 2009.

May 2009 Update : there is now a promotion running on the site, and it is temporarily available for $49 instead of $297 - as such, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

The Verdict: Fast and easy setup; works for complete car novices; proven fuel savings of upto 40% - our top pick.



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